When the PAINS OF GROWING UP strike, DESTRUCTOR fights back!

The initial issue of Destructor sees Michael (and his alter ego Destructor) face the pain of taking a bath while coming to understand the importance of it. There's some hijinks as Mommy and Superbro lend a hand in getting the youngster bathed. The Bath Time Bandit shows up ... but is he friend or foe?

ART/COLORS/LETTERS BY: Tayson Martindale (Box Boy)

Hayden Sherman (Wasted Space, Cold War, Thumbs, The Few)
Tony Gregori (Ancient Noise, Deuce of Hearts, Karma Police, Starweed, Taft Sturgeon)
Boluwatife Oriowo (Letters from Midia, Eye of the Amazon)
Jim Kersey (Amok Bros)

*Destructor is published through the BIG KID COMICS imprint of Indie Engine Press*
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